Warmth & Celebration

Spring is a lovely time of the year. Around Easter time waters burble, that is the beginning of Finnish spring. Hepaticas and wood anemones blossom. The nature awakens. New leaf buds appear on birches and leaf out as the weather keeps getting warmer. Migratory birds return from the South and wake you up in the morning with bird songs. Snow is melting and grit is being cleaned off streets. People start to spend more time outside and do gardening on their yards. They rake leaves and plant flowers. In the first weeks of May changes in nature are massive.

Kids grow ryegrass for Easter and for Palm Sunday they decorate willow twigs and go from door to door dressed up as witches. They sing a rhyme and, as a reward, get sweets and chocolate in exchange for the twigs.

Vappu is a big festival in the spring on the 1st of May. It is the worker’s day. Finns celebrate and drink champagne. If the weather allows, they go on picnics. Even if it is a bit chilly people wear summery clothes and shoes. And their white high school graduation caps. Kids get big magnificent balloons, colorful paper streamers and toys. Everyone eats funnel cakes and drink mead.