Lakes & Bright Nights

Summer is a lovely time in Finland. It is fairly warm and the nature is at its best, the most beautiful ever. You can swim and fish in the clean lakes of the “Land of Thousands of Lakes”. There are 200,000 lakes in Finland. So, there are lakes everywhere.

Summers are really bright, also at night. For example at the northernmost spot of Finland, the sun stays above the horizon continuously from the 16th May until the 29th July. So, the sun doesn’t set at all for 74 days in Lapland. Also in Southern Finland nights are bright at summer time but sun still sets for a moment. People visit their summer cottages a lot and have a sauna by the lake. And because the sun never sets, you can have a midnight swim or go on the lake in a rowing boat and listen to the twitter of waterfowls in the silence on the night.

In the summer we also have Midsummer Eve when people like to go to the countryside and to their cottages. People have big Midsummer celebrations, traditional Midsummer dances and make huge bonfires. Every year some people drown because they celebrate and get drunk by lakes. From the Midsummer Day onward days start getting shorter again. In August nights are again dark.