Issue 1: Editor’s Letter

I grew up in Finland. Having four very strongly different seasons always felt natural and self-evident – something I never really even give much thought to. But travelling and living abroad has made me see how special seasons can be. It has opened my eyes to the little things that I didn’t stop to look at before. It has made me notice what makes Finnish seasons special and different from the other places I have visited. Introducing Finland to my British boyfriend has enhanced this realization. It has given me the opportunity to see the seasons from someone’s perspective who is experiencing them for the first time. It has been interesting to visiting Finland with him at different times of the year and see him marvelling at things that I’ve always taken for granted. It has made me see and value those things in a new way. And in a way, it is like I have been experiencing those things for the first time too.

All this gave me the idea of making a publication about the seasons. Why not document the year and put on pages of a magazine! This way the special moments of the seasons won’t have to only exist in memories or occasional photos on your phone or Instagram feed.

A big thank you for the creation of this pilot issue of SEASONS Magazine goes to the contributors who took time out of their lives to sit down and put their thoughts and memories about Finnish seasons in writing. On the pages of this magazine you can find texts by writers from very different ages and backgrounds – ages ranging from 10 to over 80 years old and backgrounds including Finnish, British and Vietnamese. Most texts were originally written in Finnish which I have translated into English. However, I have still decided to include the original language in the magazine alongside of the translations. It offers another flavour of Finland and also covers a wider audience.

Contributors: Jonny Solomons, Maija Kulmala, Marita Laevuo, Ilmo Laevuo, Jenna Pham, Jennifer Hoang, Arianna Hoang, Lotta Laevuo

I can see SEASONS being an annual or biannual publication that would in each issue explore the cycle of a year in a different place in the world. The magazine would always contain peoples’ thoughts and images about the seasons of that country. With the next issues I would also like to explore  setting up a time lapse camera in the location. It would capture the whole year of seasonal changes in its entirety. The footage could be featured as a part of the printed magazine as sets of images or as a short video online on the magazine’s website.


-Puro Laevuo